As many of you will know, Tony Robinson really, really doesn’t like metal detecting. He’s been quite vocal about it on many occasions now. So to cheer him up a bit, I’ve drawn Tony in the guise of his most notable TV character – Baldrick. With a Metal Detector. Always remember, Tony ‘Low & Slow.’

I hope he enjoys it.


Tony Robinson & his metal detector

I mention it a few times in this video, but here’s the method I use to clean my silver hammered coins. Again, please be gentle here, and only go ahead if you feel comfortable. Below this video are some links to silver cleaning fluids and reference books you can use 🙂

Rolf Harris look-alike, Paul Barford and his side-kick ‘I was sure those bloody planes were in Burma’, useless archaeologist Andy Brockman are at it again.

In their latest swipe at Battlefield Recovery (which has recently been passed by OFCOM – the worlds strictest regulator, as having done absolutely nothing wrong) Paul and Andy puke forth this little gem in regards to an article in the Bloomberg business week.

Inspired by shows like Battlefield Recovery, profiteers are digging up World War II grave sites in search of memorabilia. Preservationists want to stop them.

You have to give it to them for trying, eh? Ok, let’s go through this again shall we. The show highlights this problem. It highlights it throughout. This has been going on in the Eastern front since WW2, so your accusations that BR ‘inspired’ these people are flaccid, perhaps similar to both your sex lives as you both seem to spend way too much time sitting behind your computers in a desperate attempt to win favour from your fellow grave diggers like Francis “it’s ok, guv.  I can dig up graves coz I woz on Time Team’  Pryor, and Andy ‘Let’s lob bones into the bucket’ Pollard, and certain fruit bats in the PAS, similar to yourselves.

The strict policies regarding legal action against people who undertake these practices are clearly mentioned and outlined, throughout.

Keep trying though, eh boys?  Oh, and if you want a good example of how these people like to spin something which fits their own agenda, then here’s the perfect example:

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 00.27.04

*You may think some of the above is a bit under-hand.  Trust me, you have no ideas how much these cretins have publicly lied about myself, and ripped my name through the mud.