Well, it’s been a while since I made this video: NIGHTHAWKER CAUGHT IN DAY

I’m not sure if it’s naivety, laziness or just down to underfunding concerning the police.

In the first instance, I emailed. Twice. I had no reply.

I then waited, and in that time I’ve heard many, many stories similar to my experience in my video. A man who I know in his 70’s, has now given up detecting after being bullied off his land by five foreign men, again in the area of operation stack.

I’ve heard at least two other times that similar has happened.

It’s very obvious that people are taking the opportunity to detect when parked up. Infact, it almost seems like there is a small Mafia, or organised groups controlling this now.

I’ve tried to ring the non-emergency police number at 101 on three other occasions, to mention the above. Two times I was laughed at when I asked to be put through to the crime and Heritage office, and neither of the women even knew what it was. The third time I rang, I was put through to a dead number.

I eventually found Andy Long’s mobile number on Twitter of all places, via Paul Barfords blog, and rang it. It went to answer machine, so I explained the above, and left my phone number. That was a couple of months ago.

Honestly, what else can I do?


This video was recorded a couple of weeks ago. Since then, theres been a few developments. It’s been a really difficult situation to deal with, so any advice from you all is greatly appreciated.

I informed my farmer the next day, and he wasn’t happy. But it was the right thing to do. I then monitored the fields, and those around it for a week, and it seems this is a huge problem. Truck drivers are taking advantage of operation stack, and going out. One field looked like it had a rally on it – all detecting illegally. A few days after this my field had been hit massively. Holes and rubbish everywhere.

I then informed all the other farmers (A lot of hard work) about the situation on their fields. I didn’t gain any new permissions whilst doing this – I just wanted them to know.

I got a different response from all. Some didn’t care, but some were very very angry. Some are monitoring with night vision and dogs, whilst others really didn’t care.

My main concern is recording of what they find. That first truck driver in the video said to me ‘You find Moola??’ whilst making a coin shape with his fingers, so I’m not entirely sure he’s doing the right thing for Metal Detecting.

Again, any advice greatly appreciated.